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Western Railway

The Western Railways runs along the west coast of Maharashtra and into the state of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. It comprises of 6 major divisions which include Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Ratlam, and Mumbai WR.

The Ahmedabad division earns the highest revenue followed by Mumbai and Vadodara divisions. The Vadodara railway station in Gujarat is the busiest junction not just in the Western railway zone but also all over the country. It is the junction point for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route and the Mumbai-Ratlam route as well. 

The Western railway came into existence on 5th November 1951 after merging a few state-owned railways including Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway (BB&CI), and the Saurashtra Railway, Rajputana Railway and Jaipur State Railway.

Some princely states such as the Gaekwars of Baroda were also integrated into the Western railways at the time of its conception. 

Navapur railway station falls in both the Mumbai and Gujrat states since they were merged before as one state of Bombay. After the formation of Mumbai, this railway station was equally divided between Gujrat and Maharashtra. 

Mumbai’s Churchgate station forms the headquarters of the Western railway. In fact, the western railway forms the backbone of Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Within the city, the line extends from Churchgate to Virar, and is now being proposed to be extended until Dahanu. As of 2016-17, 3.15 million people regularly travel on a daily basis within Mumbai via the Western railway line.  


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