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South Western Railway

Being spread across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Tamil Nadu, the South Western Railway has its headquarters in Hubbali. It consists of 3 divisions namely Hubbali, Mysuru, and Bengaluru. There is a planning of a 4th division in Kalaburgi which has already begun in construction. This is a fairly new zone that was conceived in 2003. 

The South Western railway extends its network in the state of Karnataka and Goa that do not fall within the Konkan rail network, including a few parts of southern Andhra Pradesh as well as a few Western parts of Dharmapuri district.

The technology harnessing program is currently underway for the Mysuru division of this zone after which it is expected to be digitally equipped and named as the ‘Digital Division.’ 

This zone is moving towards modernization in terms of launching web-based helplines, digitalized information, and electronic inspection reports for judging functionality. In fact, all officials are set to adopt the latest technologies like WhatsApp and Google Drive to advance the working and convenience of the railway zone. 

Digital communication, maintenance reports, passenger amenities are all set to be conducted via a new software which is yet under construction. It is expected to ease the flow of communication and convenience to the functioning of the zone. 

This digitalization is expected to reduce paper consumption, maintain efficiency, improve the clarity of reports and figures, and bring about accuracy in their systems. 

It is also easy to share digitalized documents with all officials at the speed of light as compared to paper documents. This digitalization is expected to be the turning point for the South Western Railway zone. 


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