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South East Central Railway

As the name suggests, this zone lies to the south-east but mostly in the central part of India. It is the 4th busiest zone in the entire country succeeding the Western and Northern railway zones

Although it came into existence on 20th September 1990, it wasn’t until 1st April 2003 that it was dedicated to the service of the nation. It spreads across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh. The track gauges include broad gauge and narrow gauge.

The headquarters of the South East Central Railway is Bilaspur Junction. This zone consists of majorly 2 divisions: Bilaspur and Nagpur. There has been a recent proposal to include Raipur as the 3rd division due to heavy traffic on all rail routes in this zone. 

The South East Central Railway is one of the strongest supports when it comes to passenger transit and transport of essential goods and commodities inter-state and within. 

As far as this railway zone goes, Bilaspur railway junction is the hub of the South East Central Railway. This is also the busiest station in all of Chhattisgarh, the others include Bhilai Power House railway station, Champa, Raigad, and Raipur.

All these important stations lie on the Mumbai-Howrah and Mumbai-Katni-Bilaspur railway lines. Due to the heavy freight containment, there is a proposal for a third line to be added between Raigarh and Durg to be included in the South-East Central Railway. 


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