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Konkan Railway

Konkan Railways was first laid out by the Konkan Railway Corporation in 1993 when the first train ran between Udupi and Mangalore. This network spans over Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa with its headquarters in CBD Belapur in Navi Mumbai. 

The mountainous terrain and steep slopes were, unfortunately, not taken into consideration when the Konkan railways project launched in 1993 and the very first trains started running. The resulting effect was plenty of accidents and life-threatening circumstances. 

What followed, in 1998, was a detailed implementation of anti-collision devices and innovation of the railway technology that built the Konkan Railways safe and secure as we know now it today. 

When the plan for the Konkan railways was laid out, there were quite a few challenges along the way. This project needed 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels. Moreover, land acquisition from 43,000 landowners was the biggest hurdle!

Other challenges also included landslides, tunnel collapses, and flash floods along the rail routes. This was, however, successfully tackled using modern technology.  

This railway network functions for both freight trains as well as passenger trains. However. the major revenue of the Konkan railways comes from its freight trains that are used to transport coal, thermal products, food grains, and other essential commodities.   

The latest train on this network is the Tejas Express which is semi-high-speed and fully air-conditioned equipped with modern technology and facilities. Other important trains include the Jan Shatabdi Express, Marusagar Express, and Mangala Lakshadweep Express


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