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Eastern Railway

Eastern Railway is a fairly small zone as compared to the rest of the railway zones in India. It caters to the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and a few sections of Bihar. Its headquarters are placed in Fairly Place, Kolkata, and consists of 4 divisions namely Howrah, Malda, Sealdah, and Asansol, each headed by a Divisional Railway Manager. 

The commencement of Eastern Railway was first carried out as early as in 1854 intending to connect East India with Delhi. This train ran between Howrah and Hooghly covering the distance in 91 minutes. 

The British government took over the management of the Eastern Railway in 1925. However, it didn’t go by that name in those days. This railway zone was formed in 1952 by merging 3 important divisions namely Howrah, Asansol and Danapur, the entire Bengal Nagpur Railway. 

Further on, more divisions were added and the Eastern Railway zone comprised of 7 divisions in 2002. The creation of a new railway zone, the East Central Zone, in 2002, led to the separation of the 3 divisions Eastern Railway's Danapur, Dhanbad and Mughalsarai divisions. 

The East Central Railway came into existence with its headquarters in Hajipur, while the Eastern Railway has its headquarters in Kolkata. This zone boasts of 3 major workshops that are Jamalpur, Liluah, and Kanchrapara which have their own functions. 

The Jamalpur workshop is involved with the manufacturing of cranes, wagon repair, tower-wagons, and periodic overhaul of diesel locomotives. Next, the workshop at Liluah caters to essential goods trains, periodic overhaul, and coaching. Electric locomotives and coaches are taken care of by the Kanchrapara workshop. 


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