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East Central Railway

The East Central Railway is situated in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. This railways zone serves as the backbone of its area and is highly responsible for the strong infrastructure and development herewith. 

It is highly involved in coal loading to and from Jharkhand and the densely populated state of Bihar along with transporting various sections of society within the zone.  

Since its inception in 1966 with its headquarters at Hajipur, Bihar, the East Central Railway has played an integral part in the development and upliftment of the entire zone as a whole, with regards to its socio-economic status as well as transport of essential commodities. 

The last 13 years have been a little tough in terms of challenges and obstacles in the workforce and infrastructure. However, credit to the railway ministries for dealing with this situation to the best and emerging as one of the most reliable lines in the entire country.  

The rapid development and prosperity are indicative of the major skyrocketing quality of railway infrastructure, bridges, cleanliness, and passenger amenities in this railway zone. Not only that, but its qualitative as well as quantitative development has also played a huge role in successfully implementing goods delivery as well as handling passenger traffic all over the zone. 

Spread across multiple lines and sections in the eastern zone, the East Central Railway is constantly upgrading g itself to impart better facilities to the passengers. The passengers usually comprise of those moving within the zone, traveling interstate, or gaining entry into India from Nepal and vice versa. 


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