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Bangladesh railway zone

Bangladesh railways are owned by the Ministry of Railways, Government of Bangladesh with its headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It was first founded in 1947 and was previously known as Pakistan railways.

During the partition of India, the Bengal Assam Railway was split into two parts one of which was the East Pakistan railways which came under the control of the government of Pakistan.

In its earliest inception in 1895, the Bangladesh railways consisted of two sections namely one between Chittagong and the other connecting Laksam Upazila and Chandpur

1998 saw the construction of the Jamuna bridge which was meant to link the east and the west sides of the Bangladesh railway network in the dual gauge. As of 2005, this network consists of the broad-gauge track which lies mostly in the western region, meter gauge track which is primarily situated in the central and eastern regions, and also the dual gauge track.

With the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971 up until 1982, these railways were under the governance of the railway board. Post the war, it fell under the Railway Division of the Ministry of Communications.

There are several zones within this network of railways each headed by a general manager who works under the Director-General of Rail Authority. Each zone has its own department to look after its essential needs with regards to maintenance, finances, and other important operations.

Furthermore, there are diesel workshops, locomotive workshops, and maintenance on coaches and wagons spread across the rail network of Bangladesh.


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