Water recycling plant at Madurai railway station soon

By , TNN

MADURAI: Feeling the pinch of water scarcity haunting the region due to consecutive failure of monsoon in the last three years, the Madurai railway division has planned to construct a waste water recycling plant on the premises of the Madurai Junction railway station.

Divisional railway manager, A K Rastogi said the division has earmarked Rs 90 lakh for the purpose and the plant with capacity of 50,000 litres will become functional by next February.

Established during the British era, the station and railway colony nearby, still remain as some of the few pockets in the city with hundreds of trees. With lush green cover and adequate ground water table, the junction and colony used to be self-reliant on its water needs till few years ago. Four huge open wells and five bore wells were catering to the water needs of the station.

But drought conditions over the last three years have depleted the ground water like in other areas and the division has been forced to buy water in trucks for its needs including coach cleaning and watering of trains. More info

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