Watch: What if IRCTC was the girl you liked

By FP Staff

Almost everyone, at some point of time, have used India’s ‘Next Generation eTicketing System’ (or at least have tried to). Booking a ticket on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC is serious business.

One screw-up and you are done. But then again it’s hard to screw up if you never get to the stage where you can screw-up.

It’s quite similar to having a crush on someone or even being in love in many cases. And this is exact parallel drawn by the guys over at Enna Da Rascalas YouTube channel.

‘If IRCTC was the Girl I Liked’ gives you a lowdown on how the IRCTC works. From the booking services to the catering in a hilarious video.

And as the guys over at YouTube put it:

‘It might be easier to make it rain,
Than try and book the ticket on a train.
Every relationship comes with a fee,much like the bookings on IRCTC.’  More info

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