The CAR Carrier : Indian Railways Freight Wagon

Catch the specially compiled video of the 3 Generation’s dedicated Car carrier wagons Primarily used for transporting Cars on Rails across the Indian Railways Network.

3rd Generation Carriers :

The Indian Railways & Maruti Suzuki ( A leading Automobile manufacturer in India ) recently rolled off a high-capacity railway wagons (technically called BCACBM) for Transporting newly manufactured cars from the factory to various Cities since early 2014.

Named as ‘Flexi deck auto-wagon rake’ is the first of its kind in Indian Railways , it brings the advantages of higher capacity, flexibility & faster speed to the rail transportation of cars.

The ‘Flexi deck’ rake has 20% additional capacity (318 cars) as compared to the current Second Generation twin-decker coaches (265 cars). The new rake, with its height adjustable middle-deck, is highly flexible and can transport vehicles of multiple dimensions.

The new rake can move at speed of upto 95 kmph as compared to 65 kmph -75 kmph of the existing 1st & 2nd Generation rakes.

These Flexi deck rake consisting of 27 wagons frequently come to Nidavanda, a small town near Bangalore where a loading Terminal has been setup. These wagons from Gurgaon ( Haryana) carrying a mixed load of Maruti cars including Swift, Dzire, Alto, Wagon R and Omni takes upto 5 days to reach Bangalore.

Presently there are three such rakes of 27 wagons each. These rakes dispatch cars through railways to several destinations like Nagpur, Siliguri, Mumbai, Pune,Bangalore, Kolkata etc.

2nd Generation :

BCACM wagons are flat wagons with two tiers for carrying automobile traffic Primarily Cars. Each rake comprises of 45 containers, thus, allowing 225 cars to be transported at a time. These Wagons operate at a maximum speed of 75 KMPH with load. These Wagons have been in service since 2008.

1st Generation:

BCCNR Automobile carrier wagons introduced in 2004 are single-deck covered wagons limited to a speed of 65 KMPH with load. Each rake comprises of up to 35 Wagons max.

Presently the 3rd generation Carriers are only used by Maruti Suzuki for dspatching its own Products while the 1st and 2nd Generation Carriers are used by other Auto Mobile Producers.

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