Ten lesser known facts about Indian Railways

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New Delhi: Indian Railways, the world’s fourth largest rail network after US, Russia and China, is a treat for travel enthusiasts. There are many things to cheer about while making a train journey in India.

First of all, it is still a cheap mode of transport in comparison of other means like road and airways. Secondly, during journey you tend to meet different people from different walks of life and thirdly, you can enjoy watching our ‘Incredible India’ and its beauty through the train’s windows.

Also, when it comes to connectivity, very few modes of transport match the caliber of Indian Railways.

Here, we bring you the lesser known facts about Indian Railways:

1. Old is gold, and so is Indian Railways, which is now 161-year old.

First train journey in India was started on April 16, 1853 from Mumbai (then Bombay) to Thane.

2. Construction is on to make world’s highest rail bridge, taller than the Eiffel Tower.
Indian Railways is building the highest rail bridge over Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir.

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