Sweep stations on Gandhi Jayanti, rail ministry tells its officials

Source: indianexpress.com

Top bureaucrats of the Railways Ministry will spend Gandhi Jayanti sweeping stations across the country. The ministry issued a directive in this regard after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he wants to see cleaner stations and trains.

A list of 245 ministry officials, including board members, additional members, executive directors, joint secretaries and directors, have been assigned one station each.

There are more than 7,000 railway stations in India. The officials have been briefed that merely overseeing the work and giving instructions will not do; they have to perform physical labour or, as the ministry put it, “shramdaan”. While Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth has asked officials from all ministries to participate in a cleanliness drive on October 2, for the Railways, the directive assumes greater significance since the ministry is accountable for the cleanliness of all stations and offices under its wing.

Moreover, since Modi has identified railway stations as one of the most unclean public areas in the country, Rail Bhawan officials wanted to send a strong message through this drive, a ministry official said. The ministry will pay for the travel and accommodation of top-level officials, while junior-level workers, who would have otherwise enjoyed a national holiday, are likely to be paid double under the national holiday allowance provision, it is learnt. More info


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