Suresh Prabhu-led Indian Railways banks on ‘Tri-Netra’ to avoid train accidents


If Hindu mythology is to be believed, when Lord Shiva opened his third eye, it would lead to destruction. But, the third eye or ‘Tri-Netra’ that the Indian Railways is getting, will help in averting train collisions, derailment and accidents on unmanned railway crossings.

India will be the first country to use Terrain Imaging for Diesel Drivers- Infrared Enhanced Optical and Radar Assisted or ‘Tri-Netra’ in railways for monitoring obstructions on tracks to prevent mishaps, claims Indian Railways.

“This device will alert the drivers of any physical obstruction on railway tracks ahead and thus avert accidents. This will prove to be more useful during nights and in foggy conditions when drivers have to constantly look outside the locomotive to assess the condition,” Ved Prakash, Director Information & Publicity, Ministry of Railways told FE Online.

How will Tri-Netra device work?

According to railway officials, the tri-netra device will use infra-red to tab signals up to a distance of 2-3 km and display the information on a screen fitted inside the locomotive. The display will not distract the driver with flashes or alarms during normal conditions, but warn them about danger in red colour and will give the driver ample time to stop the train. More info

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