Science Express Reaches Thrissur

By Express News Service

THRISSUR: Science Express Bio Diversity special train of the Indian Railways – an Innovative exhibition on wheels showcasing the exceptional biodiversity of India has reached Thrissur Railway Station.

The train that reached the fourth platform here on Monday morning will be here for the next couple of days before it proceeds to Kollam Railway Station. The entry to the exhibition and the participation in complementary activities is free for all.   The idea of this unique train is to create awareness among masses in general, and youth in particular, about the rich biodiversity of the country, that is home to 8% of world’s biodiversity.

According to railway authorities, Science Express is a unique science exhibition mounted on a 16-coach AC train. The state-of-the-art exhibition aboard this exhibition train shed lights on the rich and unique biodiversity of India, climate change, water and energy conservation and related issues among various sections of the society, especially students.

Of the 16 coaches, 8 are solely dedicated to showcasing the myriad biodiversity spread across the bio- geographical zones of India like Trans-Himalaya and Himalaya, the Gangetic Plain, North-East India, the Western Ghats, Indian Deserts, the Semi-Arid Zone, the Deccan Peninsula and the Coasts and the Islands. More info

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