Safety drills by NSG at Metro

By , TNN

KOLKATA: Metro Railway normally utilizes the time between 11pm and 6am to carry out maintenance work. However, from next week, the underground stations will reverberate with the noise of heavy boots, blank shots and dummy grenades during these seven hours, with National Security Guard (NSG) conducting mock drills in the Metro network.

The drills will be held after almost a year.

“There is always a threat perception in the Metro as a large number of stations are underground and services are used by several lakh commuters daily. Despite the use of baggage scanners and routine frisking, the possibility of a terror attack can’t be ruled out. A terror strike in an underground station will require special handling.

On one hand, the lives of commuters will have to be protected while on the other, the threat would need to be neutralized. For this to happen, agencies like NSG need to be thorough with the layout of the stations. There will also have to be proper co-ordination between NSG and other security agencies like the civil police and Railway Protection Force (RPF), who will reach the crime scene first,” an NSG source said. More info

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