RTIs reveal dirty picture of Indian Railways

Source:  indiatoday.intoday.in

During UPA rule, the Indian Railways fared badly not just in financial terms but even when it came to providing satisfactory services to passengers, a Transparency International India (TI) report, collated with replies to over 3,000 RTI applications, has revealed.

The report titled, ‘Indian Railways: Complaint Handling Mechanism’, which MAIL TODAY accessed exclusively, has highlighted cleanliness and personnel-related issues that have badly affected consumer experience.

TI-India sourced information from all 16 divisions from across five regions of the Indian Railways about their passenger-related complaint-handling mechanism between 2012-13 and 2013-14, the categories of complaints and the action taken. The reason cited for choice of these two years was that Railways had taken comprehensive steps in 2011 to improve their complaint-handling mechanism.

“Interestingly, almost all the complaints lodged in this period are shown as closed cases. From the data TI-India collected by way of RTI, it was found that even if a case was forwarded to a higher authority, it was considered as ‘addressed’ or ‘closed’. So, exact action, like fine or penalty levied on staff, fixing of the coach infrastructure, etc. after the complaint is received is not known. More info

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