Rooms Tonite aims to be the Tatkal IRCTC for hotel bookings


For entrepreneurs and business persons who have erratic and ever changing schedules, booking hotel rooms in advance is not an option. Same goes for leisure travellers who wish to indulge their last minute impulses.

Finding a convenient hotel room on the go is not very easy. Rooms Tonite aims to address this pain point.

What is it?

RoomsTonite is a hotel booking mobile app that provides consumers good hotel rooms at competitive prices at the last moment. The startup claims that it is among the first of its kind in India and has real-time connectivity with over 600 hotels across 100+ destinations in India. The direct connectivity with hotels ensures that their users are guaranteed a room booking on the same day or for the next day.

They have witnessed good traction with more hotels signing up, repeat customers and the booking window shrinking. Through technology they now want to revolutionize how hotel reservations are made in the same way that Uber revolutionised the taxi industry.

How it works?

Users need to download the app, enter their destination choice and date, which is, today or tomorrow, and browse through a list of hotels based on their preferences. Users can book from one to three nights and upto three rooms through the app in one transaction. Users can also get overviews of the hotels with pictures, amenities provided, terms and also the location on Google maps.

They recently included a new feature ‘check-out as a guest’, where a user can book a hotel room on the platform without registering.

“This was a big decision for us. Since registrations help us serve our customers better, we would like to have few details about them. But, we decided to go with feedback we received and our teams spent four days to implement this feature,” says Karthick Prabu, CPO. More info

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