Residents lobby for strong public transport system

By , TNN

NASHIK: The people of Nashik feel a strong public transport system can only resolve the perennial parking woes and traffic snarls on the road.

The civic administration has fast-tracked the road widening work across the city. Projects worth around around Rs 462 crore have been approved and 80% of those have already been completed. The residents, however, that while only widening of the roads would not solve the everyday problems. Instead, they want an improved public transport system to reduce the traffic congestions, keeping in mind the expanding limits of the city.

“The city will keep expanding and its population will continue to grow. But how many times we will widen the roads. How many more trees can we fell and fight legal cases for land acquisition? It’s a waste of public money. A better public transport system is the only solution to the problem,” said Aparna Gaikwad, a resident of Gangapur. More info

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