No refund on premium train tickets: Railways

By special correspondent

The Railway authorities have clarified that there will be no refund on tickets booked on premium special trains.

At present, the Mysore–Varanasi Express originating from the city is a premium special service but there are similar services from other cities to different destinations

Explaining the concept of the premium train, the South Western Railway said in a release that premium trains are meant for people who plan their journeys at short notice.

While reservation on regular trains commences 60 days in advance, it is 15 days in case of premium trains for the benefit of passengers who plan their journey at short notice and want a confirmed accommodation.

The release said the premium trains are seasonal and occasion-specific such as for festivals or holidays and have been introduced to meet the passenger rush. The Special Trains will have only AC 2 Tier and AC 3 Tier and sleeper classes with Rajdhani-like facilities, including catering, the release said.

The Indian Railways experimented with this model during Christmas last year. It is intended to implement this model during every festival season, when demand exceeds the normal, the release added.

The main feature is quick transit with an average speed of more than 60kmph, limited stoppages apart from providing freedom from touts and unauthorised travellers.

While the advance reservation period of the premium trains is 15 days, the ticket fare follows a dynamic pricing model and can be booked only online via IRCTC website ( More info

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