RCTC Connect Indian Railway’s free Android app launched.

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RCTC Connect Indian Railway’s free Android app launched. This is going to make things hassle free as far as reservation and timing of trains across the country are concerned

This is going to be one of the most popular apps in the Indian market in the next few weeks. There are no two opinions about the app becoming popular given the fact that almost everyone seems in need to use it in India.

IRCTC Connect has been launched as the official app of the Indian Railways and no one will actually doubt the assertion. This is because of the fact that the Indian Railways actually services one of the highest number of customers that any company has. Last year alone the state owned entity served as many as 8,425 million passengers.

The Indian Railways reportedly carries more passengers daily than the total population of Saudi Arabia. It is also among the world’s largest employers and a conservative estimate suggests that it employs as many as 1.3 million employees. But this is not all. The entity also employs a large number of contractual employees who are not included in the number of employees mentioned in statistics.

The new Android app is going to make the lives of the Indian Railways travelers a lot easy. Google Play store is now hosting the official IRCTC Connect application that can be used by Android smartphone and tablet users from across the country. You can download it now without paying a single penny as it is a free app. More info

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