Railways unveil policy allowing private parcel trains

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NAGPUR: In order to win market share in non-bulk traffic, the Indian Railways has come up with a policy that would allow privately owned and run parcel trains. The policy aims at boosting investment in this vital infrastructure sector through public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

The ministry of railways (MoR) issued the new policy on November 10, to meet the future demand of traffic and thereby increase market share. Under the scheme, Category I includes general service parcel vans of minimum 20 wagons and maximum 24 and Category II includes special purpose vehicles like refrigerated vans, milk tankers etc of 15 or 24 wagons. A rake with mix of both categories will also be allowed to operate.

Railways now dominate transportation of bulk commodities like coal, ores, cement, and foodgrains but have been steadily losing out to road sector in non-bulk goods. More info

Ilustration photo by Smeet Chowdhury

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