Railways to see $140 bn investments over next 5 years: Prabhu

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New Delhi: The government is planning to invest around $140 billion for the development of the country’s railways sector over the next five years, Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu said on Wednesday.

“Talking about railways, which is in fact a very important part of this entire infrastructure development ideas of the country, we had decided to put in about $140 billion in the next five years. Largely in the first phase, we would like to invest into areas where we could reap the benefit of that investment very soon,” Prabhu said here at a function.

He said that rather than going in for greenfield investment, the government is using the brown-field route.

“Wherever there are single lines, we are trying to make it double. Wherever there is double line, we are trying to get additional line because land is available and the benefits of that investments, we can get returns very soon. Returns in terms of financial returns and returns also in terms of decongesting the railway network,” he added.

The minister said that the entire idea of investment is to bring in huge benefits for many sector. More info

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