Railways still using outdated cables; passenger safety at risk

By Srinand Jha, Hindustan Times 

Posing risks to passenger lives, the Railways continue to use the overage and outdated Railway Electric (RE) cables to operate signaling systems.

The task of replacing these with the modern Quad-6 has remained painfully slow, with just 27 of the total of 64 block sections having been commissioned. “The condition of the RE cable and overhead alignment have deteriorated beyond maintainable levels and working on this has become hazardous”, says an internal document accessed by HT.

The cable replacement scheme was taken up as a pilot project in 2003 in the North Central Railway (NCR) zone on India’s busiest section from Jhansi to Banda on the important “Golden Quadrilateral” route.

With the pilot scheme having remained a non-starter, a huge question mark has come to hang over plans to replicate the scheme across the country’s rail network of approximately 64,000 route kilometers. More info


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