Railways’ Solar Power and Wind Mill Plants

Source:  pib.nic.in

About 25 million kilo watt hour (kwh) of electrical energy is currently being generated annually from solar and wind mill plants of about 20 Mega Watt (MW) capacity installed by Railways.

Further, works for about 178 MW of solar and wind mill plants have been sanctioned. Details of such plants along with generation capacity are as under:

  1. Solar and Wind Mill Plants already installed:
  • Wind mill plants of 10.5 Mega Watt (MW) capacity has already been installed in Tamil Nadu for Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai.
  • So far, about 9.5 Mega Watt Peak (MWp) solar based lighting system have been installed at about 500 Railway Stations, 4000 Level Crossing (LC) gates, 400 street lights, office building, Raebareli Coach Factory.
  1. Details of proposed Solar Plants and Wind Mill Plants:
  • 10.5 MW Wind mill plant plants proposed to be installed under Railway funding in Tamil Nadu.
  • Wind mill plant of 157.5 MW have been planned to be provided in wind rich States in joint venture module with Railway Energy Management Company (REMC), out of which 26 MW wind mill plant will be provided in Rajasthan.

III.             9.45 MWp solar plant to be provided at 2000 level crossing gates, 200  stations  and  26    building’s   roof top under Railway funding are  as  under:

  1. Provision of 1 MWp Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules at Katra Railway Station.
  2. Provision of 10 KWp solar Pv modules each at 200 stations (2mwP):

           This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Manoj Sinha in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today. More info

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