Railways serves bones in veg curry on Rajdhani Express

By , TNN

BANGALORE: Passengers may have given up hopes of the Indian Railways serving clean and quality food, but being served bones in a vegetarian dish is too much to digest.

Bangalorean Tikam Chand Jain suffered this on a recent train journey in a deluxe train like the Rajdhani Express. Worse, when the vegetarian complained to pantry managers on this, he was admonished by them.

Jain, a 65-year-old frequent travelling businessman based in Hanumanthnagar in south Bangalore, took the Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Guwahati on September 19. The next day he ordered a vegetarian lunch and was having it. To his horror, he realized he was chewing bones served in the curry.

“I couldn’t smell anything because the bones were mixed in the vegetables. I complained to the manager who was serving food in that compartment but he refused to listen. In fact, he blamed me for not having checked the food properly. Later I complained to the pantry car manager and he too argued with me,” he told TOI. More info

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