Railways must grow to attain 10% GDP growth: Dinesh Trivedi

Source:  www.moneycontrol.com

Indian political system hasn’t understood the potential of the Railways, is the word coming in from former Railways minister Dinesh Trivedi. He says that Indian GDP growth is heavily dependent on railways.

“India has the potential to grow at 10 percent for the next 10 years provided we let our railways and agriculture grow,” he told CNBC-TV18. He feels that the government needs to come forward and invest more in the railways. According to him, railways should have passenger corridors rather than freight corridors.

Umesh Chowdhary, vice-chairman and managing director of  Titagarh says Indian railways has many low-hanging fruits and it is possible to see immediate results if these fruits are plucked.

Chowdhary adds it is great to finally see a minister who has a clear mandate and an image that says he can turnaround things. For long now, railways has been a compromised ministry. Trivedi says had his Budget gone through, operating ratio would have been 80 percent. More info

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Ilustration photo: Dinesh Trivedi is the youngest child of the Gujarati couple, who migrated to India from Karachi during partition. By indiatimes.com

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