People boarding WRONG SIDE of Train : Indian Railways

People risking their lives by standing between the tracks just to find a seat by boarding the wrong side of the crowded Train.This is more or less a very common sight in Indian Railways during peak hours ( after work hours).

There have been instances of stampede & run over in the worst case scenario where people push each other even before the train has come to a halt.

Seen here is the ALCo powered Yesvantpur – Salem Passenger chugging into Hosur Railway Station, the passenger train serves as a life line to thousands of daily workers , students who come from remote areas en-route for work / study at Bangalore , Hosur, Dharampuri & Salem . The passenger train runs jam packed till its final destination Salem and vice-versa.

The Bangalore – Housr – Dharamapuri – Salem is a single non -electrified line and the frequency of trains are pretty less . There is a huge demand for more passenger trains on this route how ever due to the single line operational constraint the railways haven’t shown much interest to run additional services.

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