New rly ticket rule stumps commuters

By , TNN

KOLKATA: Keep a residential proof handy the next time you go to the railway booking counter to purchase a Monthly Season Ticket (MST). The booking clerk may demand to see it. You may also be denied an MST if the station is not the closest to your home.

If the booking clerk so chooses, he may also demand to see proof of your workplace. The rule came into effect from April this year. But, he problem is, booking clerks are implementing it on a pick-and-choose basis.

On Monday, Poulami Basak, a resident of Bhadrakali near Uttarpara, went to the booking counter at Bally station to purchase an MST. She was unaware of the rule. Luckily, she was carrying her Election Photo Identity Card.

On producing the EPIC, the booking clerk refused to issue the MST. According to him, she would have to get the MST from a station closer to her home. Poulami, who teaches in a school in Panduah, was flummoxed. More info

Ilustration photo CSTM – HYB Express by Sriram.SN

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