Namma Metro Shuts Down Power to Save Pariah Kite


BENGALURU: A pariah kite that fell on the Metro tracks near Yeshwantpur station was rescued by the alert staff of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL), who stopped power supply to the section and contacted the Forest Department to rescue the bird.

The bird was found on the tracks by train operator Santhiraj around 8.15 am. Santhiraj called the Operation Control Centre, which then contacted the Forest Department. “Forest Department representative Rajesh Kumar came to rescue the bird at 8.48 am and the power was cut off.

The bird was rescued and handed over to the department.

There was a five-minute block in power and train services resumed afterward. There was no impact on train services and no inconvenience to the public,” a statement from Vasant Rao, general manager, finance, BMRCL, said. More info

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