Modi, in LinkedIn post, lists 9 pro-growth moves


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a post on LinkedIn on Sunday, listed nine policy decisions and laws brought of his government to promote growth.

“New Age India has begun its transition,” he said in the post.

Here is the full post from LinkedIn:

The Transition of New Age India has Begun

“On 16th January 2015, I got the opportunity to address the Global Business Summit organized by The Economic Times.

In the speech, I elaborated how the New Age India has begun its transition from an environment of subdued achievement, to a new age of development that beckons.

The country had fallen into deep despair with low growth and governance at rock bottom.

A series of scams, from telecom to coal had paralysed the economy. We deviated from the dream of India as a land of opportunity. No longer can we afford the flight of capital and labour, for lack of opportunity. More info

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