In-Memory Database from Pivotal Helps Indian Railways Deliver Faster eTicketing

By  Janakiram MSV

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation built their next generation eTicketing system based on Pivotal to meet the performance and scalability requirements. 

Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world. Covering 115,000 KM (71,457.687 miles) of track over a route of 65,436 KM (40,660 miles) and 7,172 stations, it is undoubtedly the most complex mesh of routes.

Indian Railways is the world’s seventh largest commercial or utility employer, by number of employees, with over 1.307 million employees. It generated revenues of USD 23 billion which consists of USD 15 billion from freight and USD 5.9 billion from passengers tickets

Though Indian Railways introduced eTicketing way back in 2003, it was plagued by scalability and performance issues. The web-based front-end was connected to a decade old core ticketing system that was used by all booking clerks concurrently issuing tickets from tens of thousands of ticketing counters.

The priority booking window called Tatkal enables passengers to reserve a ticket within 24 hours of the journey. Opened at 10AM IST, there is always a mad rush to book the limited number of tickets sold under the Tatkal quota.

The servers invariably crashed throwing cryptic error messages to the end users. This has been the cause of constant frustration of using the eTicketing systems of Indian Railways. With the recent redesigning of the eTicketing system, IRCTC has attempted to address this concern. More info

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