Kathari to be linked by railways within a year

Source:  www.ekantipur.com

BATHANA, INDIA, JAN 09 – Kathari in Morang district will be connected by Indian Railways within a year if there are no obstructions from the Nepali side, General Manager of Indian Railways Services Rajendra Singh said.

The proposed rail link envisages laying a broad gauge track to Kathari from Bathana, India, a distance of 18 km. The Indian government will be constructing the railway track at a cost of Rs 2.80 billion. However, a dispute over land compensation has held up the track laying work on the 13 km stretch from the Budhnagar border area in Morang to Kathari.

“Railway construction works on the Indian side have been completed. But due to a disagreement over land compensation, work on the Nepal side has not progressed,” said Singh. If the problems are sorted out, the Indian government has targeted connecting Kathari with a broad gauge track by October 2016. More info

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