IRCTC’s Latest Train Fare: Domino’s Pizza


Rahul Rathod has visited hundreds of homes as a deliveryman for Domino’s Pizza Inc., from posh villas in New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave to dusty apartments in the far reaches of the Indian capital.

On a recent afternoon, though, he received a rather unusual order: from a hungry passenger on a train.

“I’m excited. I’ve never delivered a pizza on a train before,” Mr. Rathod said as he set out on his motorcycle for the nearby train station.

Domino’s began experimenting with train deliveries in February. The company now offers delivery of pizzas on more than 200 train services and plans to roll out ordering for dozens of new routes in coming months.

The service–the first of its kind for Domino’s—works like this: Deliverymen hop on board when trains stop at selected stations to pick up passengers. The fast-food chain has identified 41 such train stations, from Delhi to Agra to Jalandhar, which are located near its branches. Customers can place orders online, over the phone, or through text message at least two hours before the train pulls up to the platform. More info


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