Inside the Food Factory of the Indian Railways


Massive chappati makers that roll out uniform-shaped chapatis in less than 80 seconds, steam kettles, which cook up tonnes of well made rice and a cutting machine that chops up about 400 kilograms of vegetables in an hour– the Indian Railway’s mammoth kitchen is a state-of-the art wonder.

The central kitchen in Noida works round the clock to provide “hygienic, competitively priced and affordable meals” not only to rail passengers but to corporate clients too. The automated four-storeyed ‘Food Factory’, set up in February 2012 churns out over 10,000 meals per day to be served up on some Rajdhani, Duranto and August Kranti trains.

“The kitchen is fully automated with latest equipments from the best of the manufacturers in India and abroad,” says Sudheer Warrier, AGM IRCTC. Raw materials are stocked in a store room on the ground floor, with pulses, rice, spices, vermicelli, and other “dry” items segregated neatly with indicating labels. “While all perishable items come in regularly every morning, the dry items are stocked for about three days,” says Warrier. More info

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