India’s Longest Daily Train Kerala Express

Note – Longest running train on Indian Railways is Dibrugarh Kanyakumari Vivek express (4243 km) which is a weekly train. Kerala express runs daily – 3036 km.

It was 2 years back, April 27th my RF began accidentally with Kerala express and so I thought of paying a small tribute to the same train.

Karaoke courtesy – Adarsh Ranjith…

Earlier days used to run in green yellow livery as Kerala Karnataka express double headed. It had first class too. It had only 5 halts inside Kerala and did New Delhi Jhansi non stop. Stations like Kayankulam junction never existed !!!

Selected this music due to rhythmic train beats. Last train is not Kerala express.

Some already known facts –

– Longest running daily train.

– 100% occupancy all 365 days with passengers sleeping on floors during peak seasons

– Only daily train connecting North with Tirupati.

– Touches 9 Indian States including Rajasthan.

– Though always rattling, derailment free history at least until now.

Thanks to all my subscribers, friends and foes. Only 1 thing can stop me from giving you all train videos – death !!!

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