Indian Railways tatkal ticket booking, cancellations refund: 10 top points


Indian Railways has made sweeping changes to reservation and booking of tatkal tickets to ease pressure during peak hours and to give travellers a better experience than the current one where they are harried. 

1. Indian Railways has decided to stagger booking of tatkal tickets by allowing reservations in AC class from 10 am to 11 am and non-AC class from 11 am.

2. The new Indian Railways tatkal ticket booking for reservations schedule will come into effect in the next couple of days (Thursday or Friday).

3. Indian Railways is also mulling whether to give refund on cancellation of tatkal tickets, the percentage of which would be calculated based on a time frames. Indian Railways official said plans are afoot to refund a percentage of fare on cancellation of tatkal tickets, which is hitherto unavailable – if a passenger refunds within the time frame, he will be refunded accordingly. More info

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