Indian Railways take Measures to Improve Passenger Amenities at Stations


Indian Railways has issued guidelines in September 2014 to enable participation of individuals, NGOs, Trusts, Charitable Institutions, Corporations etc, in Railways’ efforts for provision/improvement/upgradation/renovation of amenities at railway stations.

All Zonal Railways have been directed to seek sponsorship from Hon’ble Member of Parliament for provision of additional chairs/seating arrangements at railway stations under MPLAD scheme.

The above initiatives are the special efforts of the Government to enhance passenger amenities. Further, provision/maintenance/augmentation of amenities including drinking water, toilet facility and seating arrangements at railway stations is a continuous process and is undertaken subject to inter-se priority and availability of funds.

With a view to improve the standard of cleanliness, Railways have planned multi pronged action by synergizing technology, education of users, provision of mechanized equipments and penalty provisions. More info

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