Indian Railways Offering Double Decker Trains


Indian Railways are probably one of the train operators with widest network of tracks. The breadth and width of the country are covered with tracks.

The Indian Railways, despite the fact that it is a government run undertaking, is able to offer improved travel conditions for the passengers in the country.

The ever increasing network of tracks is unable to meet the demand from the passengers and the pressure on the railways is increasing as well.  To partially cater to the demand, railways are finding ‘double-decker trains’ as one of the solution.

Indian Railways joined the European league offering double-decker trains, when it started its first-ever double-decker train way back in 2011.  Presently Indian Railways is running these special trains in select routes like Howrah-Dhanbad, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Jaipur, Chennai-Bangalore, Secunderabad-Tirupati etc. More info

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