Indian Railways Extends Concession in Fare to 50 Categories of Travellers


Indian Railways extendS travel concessions in various classes of travel to more than 50 categories of travelers, such as patients, students, senior citizens, certain categories of disabled persons, Doctors, Artists, Sports persons, Press Correspondents, Kisans and others.

The element of concession ranges from 10% to 100%.

Eleven categories of patients suffering from serious ailments viz. Cancer, Thalassemia, Haemophilia, T.B/Lupas Valgaris, Non-infectious Leprosy, AIDS patients for treatment/periodical checkup, Heart patients for surgery, Kidney patients for kidney transplant Operation/Dialysis and Ostomy patients for any purpose are eligible for concessions in the passenger fares. More info

Ilustration photo by Akshay gupta  Orissa Sampark kranti

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