Indian railways denies claims on Lanka


IRCON International, an Indian public sector company, which has been constructing railway tracks and signaling systems in Sri Lanka for nearly a billion US dollars, has trashed criticism by some Lankans that it has inflated the cost of its projects, the New Indian Express reported today.

S P Vithanage, Secretary, All Ceylon Railway Employees General Union, and Dr T Lalithasiri Gunaruwan, economist and former Secretary, Transport Ministry, had contended that the Lankan railways would have done the work at one fourth the cost.

Describing the contentions as “baseless”, IRCON Project Director S L Gupta said that it is clear that criticisms are levelled by non-technical people. “Any comparison of rehabilitation of the tsunami devastated tracks in South Sri Lanka undertaken by the IRCON and the Lankan railways is mischievous because the scope of work done by the two were not comparable,” Gupta said. More info

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