Indian Railway tickets to soon get expensive closer to journey dates?

By Staff

Looks like Indian Railways are in the mood to soon follow our airline system. Indian Railways are planning to soon launch a system where rail ticket rates will be dependent on the time you book the tickets.

The earlier you book, the cheaper your railway tickets get. Since railways begin the booking 120 days in advance, the fares will be the cheapest between 120-110 days before your travel and then the prices will marginally increase every 10 days.

Similarly, even cancellation of tickets will get more expensive closer to the date of your travel.

While this does mean an inconvenience for passengers, it means in increased income for Indian Railways. Indian Railways is the second largest employer in the world and thus, a huge operation.

Though so far, the quality has often not matched the prices leaving many consumers fuming, the new rate hike might also mean better services for the Indian train traveller. Indian Railways do have a wide reach and considering the erratic flight situation coupled with high costs, trains are often the most preferred mode of travel for Indians even over long journeys. More info

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