Indian Luxury Train Maharajas’ Express Set to Operate in Mexico

By Richa Sharma |

NEW DELHI: India’s super luxury Maharajas’ Express is all set to chug into Latin America with the Mexican government approaching Indian Railways to start a similar service in their country to provide royal experience for tourists.

The Mexican ambassador to India, Melba Maria Pria Olavarrieta, is taking a keen interest in the project and the country has proposed rail projects worth Rs 30,000 crore to India. But India has raised concerns about mafias active in the country and demanded security for workers. Kidnapping, carjacking and robbery by organized criminal groups is a serious problem in Mexico.

According to statistics published by the Mexican Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB), in 2013 kidnappings nationwide increased 20 per cent over the previous year. Additionally, Mexico suffered an estimated 1,05,682 kidnappings in 2012; only 1,317 were reported to the police. More info

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