India Railways Christmas gift: ‘Tatkal’ tickets to get costlier; new rates from December 25


The Indian Railways on Wednesday revised the Tatkal charges, which would apply from December 25, 2015. The Tatkal charges have been increased by Rs 10-100 for various classes.

The increase, from Rs. 5 in the Reserved Second Sitting to Rs. 100 in the highest Executive category, is expected to help the railways substantially.

“In case the total run of the train is less than the distance restriction, the end to end fare that is from originating to destination station shall be charged,” the Railway Ministry said in a statement. ”There will be no such restriction for Tatkal scheme in passenger trains,” it added.

A railway passenger will now have to spend Rs 200 for the Tatkal booking of Sleeper class instead of Rs 175, for AC-3 the maximum revised charge is Rs 400 instead of Rs 350 earlier and minimum is Rs 300 instead of Rs 250, according to the Railway notification.

In Sleeper class minimum Tatkal charge was Rs 90 which has been hiked to Rs 100. Minimum and maximum charges depend upon the travel distance. The hike is more for the AC class segment while the Second Class Tatkal charges remain unchanged.
In AC-2 a passenger has to pay Rs 400 now as against the earlier rate of Rs 300 in minimum Tatkal charges and Rs 500 as maximum charge against Rs 400 earlier. More info

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