All-India permit for tourist buses soon

Source:  TNN

NEW DELHI: In what will come as a big relief for tourists and for lakhs of tourist bus operators, government on Tuesday announced the launch of an all-India permit (AIP) or national permit system for long-haul tourist vehicles.

Under this mechanism operators will have to pay an annual amount rather than paying to each state government for operating in those states.

After long deliberations at the 36th meeting of Transport Development Council (TDC), it was announced that ordinary tourist buses need to pay Rs 50,000 annually to get AIP while luxury tourist buses will have to shell out Rs 75,000.

In the case of super luxury buses the fee will be Rs 1 lakh. However, a few states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh opposed this claiming that such a scheme will impact their revenue from such vehicles. More info

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