Imagine bullet train to Capital in 6 hours flat

By R Mohan

It is fascinating to think we can envisage a Bullet train ride that will take us to New Delhi in six hours flat. Even 10 years ago such a project would have seemed impossible to contemplate in Indian conditions, although the technology of fast trains far predates that time.

Today, technological reach is guaranteed if you have the money, so truly international has the spread of technology become.

Of course, it is a mere matter of finding Rs 2,24,000 crores, which is not all that much considering how each of yesterday’s scams was computed to cost close to that much in lost revenues, that is, if you discount the zero sum theories of such luminaries as Kapil Sibal. The cost of a whole Bullet quadrilateral connecting the Metros would be mind boggling. The very thought the nation can now think it can afford this makes for a very positive outlook to life in India.

The most pessimistic forecast would be that we old timers may not be able to see the Bullet train run in India in our lifetime. The most optimistic would be that the Chinese, if given the project, would be able to put it all together in a decade or so, provided, of course, that the usual stumbling block of the feared red tape of the Indian bureaucracy does not scupper the super ambitious project.

Land acquisition might become a bigger bugbear, but we are not at that stage yet, The Chinese are first going to study the feasibility of the 1,754-kilometre corridor. And the Japanese are competing for the right to build the project for India and are promising to do it on more favourable terms. This is no mean project either. The corridor will be the second longest in the world after China’s 2,298-km Beijing-Guangzhou line. More info

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