IITF 2014: Railway pavilion displays many facets of Indian Railways

By NI Wire  www.newstrackindia.com

Delhi was inaugurated by Chairman, Railway Board in the presence of various Railway officials today. The pavilion displays many facets of Indian Railways in a seamless manner.

The various themes have been displayed with ingenuity in such a way that they all merge together into one definite single identity which is the Indian Railways.

From the emotional connection that Indian Railways has with the people of India to the technological advances which the Railways have seen in the recent months, almost every aspect is visible in some form or another under one roof. The focus of Indian Railways to bring in changes, to put itself on the fast track, to break existing geographical frontiers in the North- Jammu and Kashmir and into the Northeast, to ameliorate the existing passenger amenities among others is visible through photos, translites, models etc, on display at the pavilion.

Broadly divided into nine sections which include the national project of Jammu & Kashmir, the works in the Northeast, Production Units progress in high-speed and semi-high speed rail, safety, sports, digital railway, women entrepreneurship and empowerment, the pavilion boasts of 14 models which are to scale and a huge LED screen, a mural as a front façade inviting you to come discover India through the Indian Railways. More info

Ilustration photo by http://www.indiatradefair.com/

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