How BookMyTrain is delivering 4,000 COD based tickets for IRCTC on a monthly basis


While Cash-on-Delivery (COD) is considered a necessary evil in Indian e-commerce, it’s been a driving force for startups to  build trust with consumers who aren’t familiar with shopping for physical goods online.

COD is still a widely preferred payment option for online shoppers, with over 60 per cent of overall e-commerce orders purchased with it.

Interestingly, India’s second largest digital commerce player, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (Paytm is the largest),  hadn’t considered COD payments for more than a decade. The public ticketing portal only recently introduced COD payments, powered by Noida-based startup BookMyTrain.

The simple thought behind launching BookMyTrain was to enable people to buy IRCTC tickets without divulging their credit or debit card details. “Many people, who otherwise have access to Internet (through mobiles or PCs), are still not able to purchase railway tickets online, despite the convenience that it offers, simply because they’re uncomfortable with using their debit or credit card online, or they don’t have net-banking access,” says Anurag Bajpai, co-founder of BookMyTrain.

When Andril Technologies – BookMyTrain’s mother company- approached IRCTC with the COD option, its objective was simple – reach out to consumers who fall in the aformentioned bracket.

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