Gateway to HELL Shatabdi Express : Indian Railways AJNI WAP7

Gateway to Hell 12008 Mysore – Chennai Shatabdi Express towed by a surprise visitor AJNI WAP-7 goes on a furious rampage .

If you want to witness some really aggressive speeding action of Trains in and around Bangalore then White Field Railway Station a.k.a Gateway to hell , located on the Bangalore – Chennai main lines is the place to be.

The station holds a good record for the number of run over cases due to trespassing. Electric trains sprint through this station at speeds ranging between 90 -110 KPH. An average of around 200 Trains pass through this station on a daily basis including Freight traffic.

The biggest trap here is the Level Crossing Gate towards Chennai direction where a huge number of intolerant trespassers take the last minute risk to cross over tracks even after the Gates are closed risking their lives.Hardly a handful of people use the Foot over bridge that has been erected towards the Bangalore end of the station just to save a few minutes.

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