From the highest railway station Ghum to the southernmost Kanyakumari: 14 of India’s most beautiful railway stations


The Indian Railways is known to the world as the largest railway network in the world. The grand Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus which happens to be the busiest station in India has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are over 7000 railway stations in India and the Indian railway carries over 2.8 million people every day! Some railway stations really make your travel beautiful with their grandeur and scenic locations.

The Indian railway aims to maintain and upgrade railway stations with the latest technology every year. However, a few railway stations are so beautiful that they make your journey better even before it starts!

The Dudhsagar railway stations lies just to the left of the glorious Dudhsagar falls and the Cuttack railway station has recently been renovated in the shape of the 14th century Barabati fort that lies in the Kalinga region. Have you seen these picturesque Indian railway stations? More info

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