For the Love of Indian Railways…


The train line from Bombay to Thane was the first one that was operated in India, 162 years back, on April 16 (1853). This marked the maiden run for Railways on Indian Soil among loud cheers.

And what has continued is there for all to see- years of legacy, decades of exceptional service and scores of happy passengers like me who cannot get enough of Indian Railways.

Since from my first ever train ride between Mangalore to Sakleshpur on the Konkan coast in early 90’s to the much improved travels on super-fast Shatabdis today, my love for the railways in India has only multiplied manifold.

The window of an Indian Rail is indeed a window that depicts the many aspects of life and terrain in India. The dried up riverbeds, sun kissed paddy fields, the 7×8 huts in slums, sleepish small towns, and playful kids of the countryside are all a common sight when you transverse through the length and breadth of the country on any long train journey.

Those sultry summer journeys on Indian trains relishing IRTC meals and tomato soup are probably fond memories of every Indian child. More info

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